Welcome to Queer As Media!

Hello, hello, welcome to QAM. I’m your host Lysa, and this is my business.

What exactly is Queer As Media? It’s a media business for… you guessed it… members of the queer community.

Queer As Media elevates the voices of the queer community and facilitates their self expression. I started this business with the idea of inspiring members of the queer community to find their voices. I show queer people how we’re represented in media in order to better that representation, through written and audio content. 

Queer As Media operates in several ways:

  • facilitating self expression through blogs, website pages, articles, and more. If you’re interested in hiring me to write something for you, take a look at the shop on the link above. I also offer resume writing/reviewing services.
  • beta services, in which I will edit and/or sensitivity read your manuscript or short story. Take a look at the link labelled Author Services to the right.
  • a podcast where I interview members of the queer community to talk about a piece of media that interests them. You can find that on Spotify, Apple, or Captivate. You can also support the show on my Gay-treon or on Ko-fi.
  • ebooks that I write and sell myself. I’m currently working on a novel about the subtextual queerness in Captain America films, so anticipate that.

I’m just one person trying to do a lot of things. So far, most of those things have been successful. I’m so looking forward to what the future brings, so join me on this journey, and you can be a part of it.

About the author
Podcast hag, author, deadbeat lesbian.