My name’s Lysa, and I’m here to make all your (written content) dreams come true.

So who am I, really? I’m an author, a podcast host, a lesbian, and a general layabout. When it comes to writing, though, I get it done. I’m currently writing a book about the subtextual queerness in the Captain America films, so anticipate that.

I love writing. It’s my passion, my dream, my only real joy in life. I love to express myself creatively, and I love to do so for other people. Why am I the person you want writing your blog posts, sales letters, product descriptions, web pages, and researched articles? Well, I’ve graduated from a Bachelor of Arts in Literature Studies and Writing, I’ve been writing academically since 2011, and I’ve been writing creatively since I could pick up a crayon.

I’m a proud member of the queer community, and I want to help other queer creatives be able to express themselves. What would it look like for you if you could write the website you always wanted to, or have people interested in what you have to say? I can help you make that happen.

What have you got to lose?